In the game of Monopoly, the winner becomes “the Monopolist,” so we felt that would make a good name for this blog. The Monopolist blog is the brainchild of Clarence B. Darwin, international man of mystery and the man behind the Folkopoly Press, makers of retro folk art Monopoly games.

Mr. Darwin is also the author of Passing GO: Early Monopoly 1933-37, which is currently out of print.  He is the Sherlock Holmes of board game researchers, applying his finely tuned powers of deductive reasoning make useful conclusions from even the minutest of details.

And like Sherlock Holmes, Clarence B. Darwin has his own Dr. Watson in the form of David Sadowski, his amanuensis.  (The dictionary defines that as “a literary or artistic assistant, in particular one who takes dictation or copies manuscripts.”)

Whenever Mr. Darwin makes another startling conclusion about board game history, Mr. Sadowski stands at the ready to jot down his every word and share it with his fans all over the world.  You could almost say he functions as Mr. Darwin’s alter ego– another clever disguise, perhaps, to throw off the Moriartys of the board game world.

He can be reached at: folkopoly@gmail.com

4 thoughts on “About

  1. rick

    i recently found i believe original black box monopoly set, looks identical to one pictired but better condition book.i know its not a reproduction . how can i find value.. Rick


  2. jeannie

    Hello, I recently found a vintage monopoly in my grandmothers garage, it had the card saying it is the “famous white box”, etc… That’s all fine but what is weird are the red, blue and yellow wooden houses. I can’t find ANYTHING like them online… Can you help?



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